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In industry, it's fairly common practice to log the hours you work. In a professional design setting, we are typically required to track and bill our time to the different projects on which we are working. Even if you're not paid hourly, employers often need this information for billing purposes or other analytics. Different types of activities are often billed at different rates, so the type of activity is also recorded.

Use in 2.s009

In 2.s009, we'll be using an online timesheet app to track the hours you work on a daily basis. From a learning viewpoint, the structure of the timesheets provide a reminder of the types of things one is likely to be doing in a product development process, and reflecting upon your effort will help to improve skills estimating how long different types of tasks take, and what they would cost in practice. The aggregate time data and labor cost estimates will be useful for your team in developing your product's business model.

Your timesheets are private. Your lab instructors, who are responsible for grading, will not see the timesheets. The course instructors and the TAs will also not see your timesheet. A 3rd party will check your submissions, which are due the day after each project milestone, and provide feedback on recording. Aggregate time data (not individual) will be provided to your team for the purpose of labor cost estimation. Also, the course instructor will use the aggregate information in the timesheets (after the class is over) to improve the 2.009 product development process through a detailed understanding of the resources needed during different phases of the project. Please log your time as correctly as possible since the goal is to obtain accurate information.

The timesheet app is accessible through the student dashboard. Consider adding it to your homescreen for easy access throughout the semester (a tutorial for both doing this on the iPhone, iPad, and Android)

Use Instructions

Log in to your 2.s009 account and under the Dashboard menu you should find a Timesheets page. When you're ready to start working, press the PLAY button in the bottom right hand corner to start recording (note, your screen may look slightly different if you're using this page on your desktop)

Once it's recording, you can go about doing your work! Remember, you should only be logging activities that are related to 2.s009. You're welcome to navigate away from this app and close the window. Once you're done working on 2.s009, return to this screen and hit the STOP button. PLEASE NOTE: If your time entry was less than a minute, it will not show up.

A window will pop up that will prompt you to enter some details about your time entry. The date, start and end times will be filled out for you based on when you started and stopped the timer, but if you made a mistake (e.g. logged for time while you were baking a cake for your unappreciative roommate), this is where you can fix it (the time entry- you'll have to fix conflict with your roommate on your own.) 

Once you've described what you did and tapped the relevant categories, scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE TIME ENTRY. You can also click DELETE TIME ENTRY to remove the time entry entirely. You know, for those times where you thought you were going to work but just ended up watching TikTok videos instead. 

And that's it! 

There's also a button for you to manually add a time entry in case you forget. You'll want to get into the habit of making sure your hours are up to date- it's easier to remember while your memory is fresh, and improves the accuracy of your timesheets.

And finally, you can always go back and edit a previous time entry if you've made a mistake. Tap on the time entry to bring up the editing window again. You can navigate between days/months to view previous time entries.


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