Team Meeting 9

Last updated: Nov 07, 2020 at 3:37pm

Main Team Meeting Objective

The course instructors will be holding 30 minute design reviews with each team on Monday. The goal will be to discuss/review your prototype design. You do not need to explicitly prepare a presentation for this review, but you will need to be prepared to clearly show your intentions for a final design. On Saturday, 5PM, feedback from the technical review will be available and should be considered when you decide on the direction for your final prototype version.

This week, key areas to focus on are both the prototype and final presentation design. The final presentation includes an online brochure and a formal presentation. The online brochure is not due until Friday, December 4, so we recommend not spending a lot of time on it until the week after Thanksgiving. The scope of the presentation ranges from the product and it's technical design to customer needs, benchmarking, and a plan for how it could reach its potential market. The design and execution of the presentation is an important component of the grade. In planning, please do not underestimate the importance of preparing and practicing for the final presentation.

Advanced preparation for Team Meeting 9

Review the timeline for the rest of the semester and the detailed final presentation description.

Prepare for the final design review.

Financial officers should prepare a budget status report for the team.

System integrators should meet to form an agenda that includes a review of project status and a plan for what needs to be done. A process for determining who will be the final presenters should be made.

Information officers should be sure that everyone knows the link for the Zoom meeting.

What's due

A new, updated design for your final prototype based on the feedback received in the technical review. For Pink Team, this is due by 6:15PM, Monday, November 9.

For Red, Yellow, Green and Blue teams, your team meeting will start with the design review. For Purple Team, your design review will start at around 7:45pm. For Pink Team, you will have had your design review before your team meeting.

Then, begin with the standard meeting startup.

System integrators should present the agenda and make changes based on input from the team.

Financial officers should give a short budget update to the team.

If the team is ready to do so, it should decide on who will be the presenters for the final presentation. This decision may also be made at a later date, but should be made with the entire team's input. Keep in mind that the nature of the presentation is very different this year. Since the presentations will be filmed and edited,  presenters will have multiple chances to give a clean presentation and will not be presenting in front of a live audience. The editing process will take cuts from different takes of the presentation.

Create task forces for all the different things that need to be completed. In addition to completely rebuilding the prototype to make it into an alpha prototype (looking like something you'd buy in a store), you'll need team members working on the business model, storyboard for the presentations, and a plan for the digital brochure.

You may use any extra time working in task forces in your team meeting room and/or in the labs.

Additional notes

There are a number of tutorials and consulting sessions from instructors and outside experts to help you prepare for the final presentation. At least one member of each team should attend every event.

Industrial designers Trevor Dyment and Jeff Senez will be offering 30-min industrial design consultations on Tuesday evening. Shreya Dave will be offering 30-min consultations on your business plans on Thursday evening. Signups will be available through the dashboard.

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