Team Meeting 7

Last updated: Oct 26, 2020 at 9:01am

Main Team Meeting Objective

The goal this week is to make sure that things are on track during a very brief meeting, and then to spend time working on your prototype. The prototype is the focus of the team meeting this week. Time spent meeting as a complete team should be as short as possible.

The technical review is the following week (Friday the 6th). When planning, keep in mind that time will be needed for testing, debugging, redesigning, and rebuilding.

Good communication is critical. If you learn something but do not let other people know, this knowledge is lost. If something is not completed as anticipated and people do not know, the team also cannot make compensatory adjustments. Regular status emails to the team (with descriptive subject lines) and/or using the team slack site to manage tasks consistently can be very valuable.

Advanced preparation for Team Meeting 7


Your task force should prepare a short, well organized, status report on the tasks that you have been working on.


Financial officers should prepare a budget status report for the team.

System integrators should prepare an agenda that includes a review of project status and a schedule update. Focus on having an effective, brief meeting so that a significant portion of the team meeting time can be spent working.

Information officers should publicize the Zoom link for the meeting.

It is recommended to take 10-15 minutes in lab to show a sample tech review demonstration video from the gallery and discuss. It can help in thinking ahead to the review, and therefore reflect on the current state of the team's product and the testing and demoing goals for the review. It can also help you to prep for the 5-minute demonstration video that will be recorded during the review (for use in the online review forms). Please review the technical review pointer videos (structure and terminology).

What's due

There are no graded deliverables due during the team meeting this week. Focus on preparing for the technical review!

Begin with the standard meeting startup.

Financial officers should give a short budget update to the team.

Briefly review the current status of the design with reports from different task forces. Review the updated project schedule.

Review your chosen tech review example video (see advanced preparation) and discuss/clarify your demonstration and testing goals for next week's review.

Divide tasks and assign responsibility for design issues that need to be addressed and start working.

Team instructors may want to meet with individual task forces to review progress and help with design issues.

Additional Notes

On Wednesday evening, industrial designers Jeremy Van Hill and Trevor Dyment will be providing 35 min consultation sessions for each team to discuss the industrial design of your product. Each team should sign up for one session. On Thursday evening, Shreya Dave will be presenting a workshop on business models. At least two people from each team should attend each session.

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