Team Meeting 3

Last updated: Oct 02, 2020 at 10:39pm

Main Team Meeting Objective

Now that the 3-ideas presentation is over, each section will focus on preparation for the upcoming sketch model review. Your section should work towards identifying two promising concept direction or variations within the team's assigned sub-theme area.

Preparation before Team Meeting #3

Make sure that you understand the goals of the sketch model review and that you have watched lecture 8 on key questions for sketch models.

Review the written feedback received from the 3-ideas presentation. It is compiled for you and linked from the 3 idea presentation results page (click your poster images) and will be available on Sunday. You will probably want to further distill this into key points that will allow you to effectively review and discuss issues raised, while being careful to not overlook potentially valuable suggestions. Having the key points highlighted on a page or two and printed for use in the team meeting can help the discussion. Written feedback from instructors will be received by 5 PM Sunday.

Each section member should develop at least two concept variations within the team's assigned sub-theme area. Prepare the concept variations on individual sheets of paper so that they can be pinned up, as was done in the ideation deliverable, but the ideas should be more complete and focused. Try to do enough research to be confident that the ideas have a degree of novelty and competitive advantage, and that there is a real, tangible need motivating the concepts.

The system integrators should prepare an agenda for the team meeting and make sure that the name cards are setup on the table before the start of the team meeting. The information officers of both sections should collaborate to distribute the Zoom links for the team portion and the section portions of the meeting.

What's due

Please bring your two (or more) concept sketches to the team meeting.

As a complete team (both sections together)

It is recommended that you begin with the two sections together and reflect upon your effort in the 3-ideas presentation, its outcome, and the team's sub-theme area. This should be a brief discussion.

Put up the meeting room divider and continue the team meeting with the two sections working separately.

As individual sections

Begin with the standard meeting startup.

Pin up the concept variants that you developed when you prepared for this team meeting. Discuss each other's ideas. After discussing the pinned up ideas, please spend additional time brainstorming as a group. Please try to use your sub-theme to help come up with fresh, new ideas.

Establish relevant selection criteria and pick two to four concept variants for further development, using a method such as a Pugh chart. In next week's team meeting, you will need to narrow down to two concepts, but it may be prudent to explore more broadly this week so that you can make a more informed decision as to the feasibility and relevance of each concept before picking two concepts for the sketch model review. At least one, if not more, concepts should be completely new concepts to the team.

Divide your section into task forces to work on the two to four concept variants in preparation for the sketch model review, which is next week. You will need to further develop the idea, prepare informative sketch models, conduct simple tests, and refine customer needs, benchmarking, and market data. Ideas need to be researched so that you have clear needs connected with real users, and so that you understand what competitive products may exist. You may also want to refer to the online sketch modeling resources on the 2.s009 website, and on designy (cardboard and foamcore, polystyrene foam).

Use any remaining time to coordinate how your section and team will best utilize the lab access times for your team this week. As much as possible, you will want to be prepared to use the lab resources when you are in them and do any planning for what you are going to do in advance of your arrival in the lab. Remember that 3-370 is also available for meetings. Schedulers for each week will be available starting Sunday of that week.

Task forces can start deciding what key questions they need to answer, what kind of models they need to build to answer those questions, and to strategize how to reach potential users for feedback.

Other notes

The TAs will be gathering people to take missing photos on team pages at the end of the team meeting.

There is a tutorial on Understanding and Interacting with Users on Tuesday evening. At least one section member (preferably more) per section should attend.

The video officer training is also on Tuesday evening.

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