Team Meeting 11

Last updated: Nov 29, 2020 at 1:10pm

Main Team Meeting Objective

This is your final team meeting! The focus of the team meeting this week is to plan your product sheet and prepare for the final presentation Q&A session.

Advanced preparation for Team Meeting 11

If your normal team meeting time presents difficulties for some team members due to time zone differences, the team may agree to reschedule to a different time as along as all team members and team instructors can still attend.

Read about the product sheet requirements and the Q&A session specifications.

Understand the timeline for the rest of the course, including the final presentation and course wrap up.

System integrators:
System integrators should plan an agenda for the meeting.

Financial officers:
Financial officers should prepare a final budget update for the team.

The information officers should be sure that everyone knows the Zoom link for participating in the team meeting.

Begin with the standard meeting startup.

System integrators should present the agenda and make changes based on input from the team.

Financial officers should give a final budget update to the team.

Organize task forces and plan a timeline for completing the product sheet.

Discuss how the team will manage the Q&A session and sign up for a practice Q&A session.

Additional Notes

Design notebook submissions for this final phase are due midnight EST, Friday, Dec 4. The milestone reflection and final peer review will be due after the final presentation.

The communications instructors are holding a workshop on Preparing for the Q & A Session on Wednesday, Dec 2, 7PM EST. Each team should plan on having members attend.

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