Team Slack Workspaces

Team communication will use Slack. In addition to supporting communication, Slack can help with tasks such as note taking, file storage, and more. Your team also has a business account team Dropbox. When you are invited to the team Dropbox you will need to accept with your MIT email, and be sure your MIT email is associated with a business account (through MIT) so that you don't have quota issues. Read more about setting up your Dropbox.

Invitations to join your team's slack site and dropbox folder will be sent by email - keep an eye out!

Red Team's Slack Workspace Green Team's Slack Workspace Blue team's Slack Workspace
Pink Team's Slack Workspace Yellow Team's Slack Workspace Purple Team's Slack Workspace

Tips on using slack!

The basics:

  • Channels - These can generally be used to organize different topics of discussion. It might be helpful to organize all the A section channels with an "a-" prefix and the B section channels with a "b-" prefix because channels are alphabetically organized. In order to see all the channels, click on the "CHANNELS(X)" subheading on the left sidebar; the "+" next to it can be used to make a new channel. We've also set up an ask-the-tas channel for you to ask the TAs questions. We may also use this channel to to broadcast class announcements. Feel free to ask us any questions about anything—we'll answer quickly!
  • Text Formatting - You can *bold*, _italicize_, -strikethrough-, etc. If you ever need to remember how to format your text, just start typing, and the tips on how to format will show up beneath the text box!
  • Emojis - You can react to comments with emojis. Just hover over their message, and on the right, some buttons will pop up over that message. Clicking on the "add reaction" button will allow you to choose emojis to properly convey your thoughts! You can choose multiple emoji too.
  • Pinned - If you have important files or messages that you would like everyone on your team to see, you can pin the message! Hover over the message and click on the button on the right, with the "..." symbol, and you should be able to pin the post to that specific channel. Note that pinned items are only shown in the channel that they happened in.
  • Starred - If you have channels that are more relevant to you, or specific messages that you need to keep track of, starring is essentially pinning the message / channel for yourself! Starred channels will appear separately from the rest of your channels. To star the channel, go to the channel, and hover over the name at the top of the channel. A small star will appear for you to click. Similarly, to star a message, hover over the message, and on the left, next to the timestamp, a star will appear for you to click!
  • Reminders - If you need to put something off for later, start a slack message with "/remind" and add whatever you want to be reminded of and when you want to be reminded, and slack can get back to you! For example: "/remind #b-team-awesome to send out notes at 2pm"
  • Tags - If you need to tag specific people about a message, use the "@" symbol and their name, and the user will usually get an extra notification.
  • Shrug - Sometimes, you just don't know how to respond. Type "/shrug" in any channel to convey this :)

And more!

  • Meeting Scheduler - We've gone ahead and added Meekan too all of your slacks. Meekan can schedule meetings for you by checking any calendars that you have connected. If everyone connects their calendar, Meekan will automatically find the times that everyone is available instead of having to fill out when2meets or doodles :) To connect your calendar, go to the direct message channel with Meekan and there should be a link to get you connected. Then to schedule a meeting for the people in a slack channel, make sure to "/invite meekan" and then meekan will let you know commands you can use to schedule the desired meeting.
  • Task Manager - We've added Kyber to help you with task management. If you type "/kyber", it'll tell you a list of commands you can make, such as "/ask", "/do", "/post", and more. This can help your team with task management!
  • Custom emojis! - If you have a picture that you really like, you can add it as a custom emoji here! Just upload the appropriat picture (preferably a small square), and slack will take care of the rest!
  • App Store - There are so many apps that go with Slack! To see a directory of more apps, check out this page. Note that the free version only supports up to 10 apps for each user.
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