Results & Team Sub-themes!

The opportunity area for your team is listed below. The sub-themes were formed by the instructors and mentors based upon your presentations. Each sub-theme has a more focused association with Kindness!

Your more narrowly defined opportunity area (or sub-theme) encompasses promising directions proposed by your team. However, the sub-theme is not a specific product idea — it is too risky to commit to a specific idea embodiment until our understanding is deeper. Your assigned sub-theme is intended to provide more focus for your idea generation than the overall theme, but still leave flexibility to explore several new avenues of interest.

As you start your next round of ideation for sketch models, you are both more informed and more practiced. Examples of idea pitches that inspired your sub-theme are provided, but please do not constrain yourself only to ideas you have proposed thus far. Please continue to generate/identify new opportunities—or even revisit older ideas from a new point of view. It is quite unlikely that any one idea as sketched on your posters will survive without significant evolution.

The next step, working towards the sketch model review, is a slightly more focused and detailed exploration within your sub-theme. A critical step in generating more refined ideas will be making a strong connection with potential users/clients and clearly articulating specific needs to be addressed. Please be sure to consider the spirit of your sub-theme. If you have any questions about your team's sub-theme, please contact the course instructor.

All instructor comments will be compiled on the feedback pages by Sunday 5pm, before your team meeting. You will be receiving comments from at least 5 instructors.

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