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Soup Kitchen and Support House Operations

Bing Broderick arrived at Haley House in September 2005 as a manager of the newly launched social enterprise Haley House Bakery Café. Located in Nubian Square, Roxbury, the Café’s mission is to provide a place where all are truly welcome and to create a workplace for men and women who face significant barriers to employment. Bing Broderick became the Executive Director of Haley House in Boston in December 2013.

Managing and Showcasing an Orchestra during a Pandemic

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is one of the world’s preeminent orchestras connecting with audiences through performances at Symphony Hall in Boston, Tanglewood in western Massachusetts, and on the internet, radio, television, various educational programs, recordings, and international tours. COVID-19 has made performing in front of a live audience all but impossible. The BSO has been forced to re-imagine its digital presence and morph into a media company to maintain exposure and relevancy with our constituencies until live performances with an audience is again possible.

Challenges and Operations of Providing Healthcare and Support for Boston's Homeless Population

As the Clinical Operations Manager for the Office Based Addiction Treatment (OBAT) program where I focus on improving the quality of care for our patients engaged in the Suboxone treatment program and telehealth behavioral health services. As the Director of Telemedicine I aim to improve access to telehealth for patients throughout our entire program and improve clinical care outcomes for patients who are interested in telehealth. Recently I developed the mental health and substance use disorder treatment protocol for Boston Hope, the city’s medical field hospital, during our COVID-19 response efforts.

Preserving, Maintaining, and Managing Large Collections of Multimedia Art

Harvard Art Museums - Collections

The Harvard Art Museums encompasses a collection of over 250,000 works. The Museum encourages close looking and examination of works in the collection in support of research, teaching and public education through gallery displays, research centers and the Art Study Center program. In my role as Assistant Director for Collections, I am responsible for the care and safety of the artwork in storage and when the artwork is moved within the Museum. I am also responsible for managing the logistics of the Art Study Center program which provides access to artwork not on display for students, faculty, members of the public and scholars.

Supplying Fresh Seafood Safely, Ethically, and Affordably

Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance is small-boat fishermen, community members, public officials and scientists working together to build creative strategies, advocate for sustainable fisheries management, and ensure the viability and future of Cape Cod's fisheries. Among our sustainable solutions to help keep fishermen on the water and to provide food security for our community is our innovative haddock chowder brand, Small Boats, Big Taste.

Safe Spaces for Viewing Art

The Harvard Art Museums advance knowledge about and appreciation of art. The museums are committed to preserving, documenting, presenting, interpreting, and strengthening the collections and resources in their care. My job, as Assistant Director for Exhibitions, is to design all of our gallery installations, creating beautiful, secure environments for encountering art, stories, and ideas.

Managing a Zoo in a Way that is Safe, Fun, and Ethical

Zoo New England's mission is to inspire people to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations by creating fun and engaging experiences that integrate wildlife and conservation programs, research, and education. Now more than ever, zoos are critically important in saving wildlife from extinction. Each day Zoo New England’s Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo are thinking outside the box to save species from extinction, while serving as centers of education, conservation, and research.

Managing A Large Library in a Way that Encourages Use While Maintaining Pandemic Safety

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The Boston Public Library’s mission is focused on four core areas: reading and literacy, spaces and programs, reference and instruction, and special collections and cultural heritage. Our commitment to be ‘Free to All’ is carved into the façade of the Central Library in Copley Square, and we are proud to welcome everyone equally regardless of gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, faith, or economic status. Staff face a variety of challenges when managing the collections as well as working with the public to ensure equitable access to resources and information. I will address some institutional pain points including health and safety, logistics, privacy, wayfinding etc. as well as discuss the broader challenges Library workers face currently.

Interactive Devices for Zoo Animals

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Dr. Mark Gartner, a Professor of Bioengineering at Pittsburgh University, has had a long and storied career in both medical product design and conservation engineering, His presentation will cover some of the novel tools and challenges he faces as he addresses urgent needs in wildlife conservation and leverages bioengineering and mechatronic principles as the basis for a spectrum of devices and tools.

Planning and Executing Elaborate Staged Events in an Efficient, Safe, and Spectacular Manner

Studio 125 is a full service technical production firm dedicated to the highest level of live presentations that integrate design, content, new technologies and highly qualified professionals to make the technical support for events seamless from concept to curtain call. From private parties to stadium spectacles; live broadcast awards ceremonies to corporate conferences; regional festivals to world wide satellite conferencing, Studio 125 makes it all look simple. We provide audio/visual equipment, a seasoned courteous crew, and logistical support to facilitate even the largest of events and their goals. At Studio 125, we facilitate the production and presentation of groundbreaking, creative projects and events.

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