Final Presentation

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The final project milestone is a formal presentation that is attended by the entire class, all instructors, and guests from product development firms. The presentation is structured as a new product launch event, and this year it will be livecast online with your presentations pre-recorded and live Q&A.

It takes place during the evening on the date indicated in the class schedule and contributes to a portion of your shared team-wide grade.

The presentation provides each team with the opportunity to show their work to a wide audience that includes academics and industry representatives. It will help you learn how to prepare a polished technical presentation that is intended for a diverse, but educated, technical, non-technical, and business oriented audience.

You will want to demonstrate your prototype and may present customer data, market information, specifications, or benchmarks for your product. The audience will evaluate your work. The evaluation form asks guests to rate the quality of your presentation, your product, and your customer data. This information will be provided to each team as feedback.

Examples from previous final presentations are on the right. You can also view final presentations from other years in the gallery (select a project and the final presentation will start playing automatically). The communication instructors have also prepared some final presentation pointers, and some thoughts about selecting presenters for the final presentations. Also, you might review the annotated video examples addressing transitions and conflict in narratives. Please keep in mind that due to the changed nature of the presentations this year (see details below), not all advice from prior years will apply.


For the final presentation milestone, each team is working on finishing an alpha prototype of their product to demonstrate. This prototype is a looks-like and works-like version of the final product. It should be detailed and resolved like a real product, and thinking about the overall form and integration of the product is important. So please pay attention to this aspect and take full advantage of the industrial design consultation opportunity being offered. The product form lecture should also help.

For the final presentation event, each team will prepare a 7-minute presentation. The goal of the presentation is to display the merits of your design: the prototypes, key needs, technical innovation, how it could be realized as a product (simplified business case featuring how your product will reach its intended users), and outstanding issues. Presentations typically include elements such as product demonstrations, slides and animations. It is advisable to show the product at the start of the presentation. The presentation slides must have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and will be transferred to a 2.s009 computer for filming.

The alpha prototype must be completed and the 7-minute presentation will be recorded before students leave campus. Filming of the presentations will take place at an off-campus studio and will be professionally edited for the final presentation event.

In addition, each team will prepare a product sheet (pdf) that we will make available to viewers during the final presentations. These product sheets are due the Friday before the final presentation.

Finally, each team will participate in a live 4-minute Q&A period following the showing of their pre-recorded, edited presentation during the final presentation event.

Pre-filming preparation

During the week of November 8, outside experts and the 2.s009 staff are providing numerous opportunities for team members to learn the skills needed to prepare for the final presentation successfully. There are sessions on product/experience storytelling, designing for diversity, product naming, and translating technical information for a diverse audience. Please take a divide-and-conquer approach among the team to make sure that at least one team member attends each session so that your team can benefit from the knowledge and skills shared at these events. 

Sun, 11/8 midnight: Team Filming Slot Preferences due

Please review the filming logistics below, then decide as a team which slots would work for your team and fill out the team filming slot preference form on your dashboard by end of Sunday. Please be as flexible as possible in specifying your choices. Assignments of teams to filming slots will be made by Tuesday morning, Nov 10. Assignments will take into consideration not only team preferences, but also the needs of each team's project.

Mon, 11/9: Final Design Reviews

Every team is participating in a final design review on Monday. Please review the requirements and schedule in advance.

Tue, 11/10, 8-9AM: In-person lecture on Presentation Design

We are offering one last opportunity to attend a 2.s009 lecture in-person! This lecture will cover presentation design, which is important for your final presentations. Seating is limited to 18 students in 10-250. Satellite classrooms will not be open. The lecture will be livestreamed for remote attendees and also available for replay afterwards. Please sign up by 5PM, Monday, 11/9, if you are interested in attending in-person.

Tue, 11/10, 6-10PM: Industrial Design Consultations 2

Each team should sign-up for a 30-minute online consultation with an industrial designer to review your proposed design for your alpha prototype.

Thu, 11/12, 6-9PM: Business Model Consultations

Each team should sign-up for a 30-minute online consultation with Shreya Dave to review your proposed business model. Her earlier Business Model Tutorial is available for replay.

Thu, 11/12, 11:59PM: Student Preferences/Info Survey due

Once the final presentation filming schedule has been determined, the 2.s009 staff will be arranging group transportation and meals for the filming session. To be able to do this, we need to know how you plan to get to the filming studio and whether you have any dietary restrictions. We will also ask for your shipping address so that we can ship you a package for the final presentations.

Fri, 11/13: Presentation Consultations

Each team should sign up for a 30-minute in-person presentation consultation. This is in-lieu of lecture this day. Teams should be ready to share an outline/storyboard for their final presentation. Course instructors will review the presentation plans and provide feedback and suggestions.

The schedule for the presentation consultations in 3-370 is:

Time Team Zoom Link
2:00-2:30 PM Green Zoom Link
2:40-3:10 PM Yellow
3:20-3:50 PM Pink
4:00-4:30 PM Purple
4:40-5:10 PM Blue
5:20-5:50 PM Red


Tue, 11/17: Final Presentation Practice Sessions

Each team should sign up for a 45-minute in-person final presentation practice session. The actual presenters for the final presentation must attend. See details and schedule.

Filming logistics

Each team has been assigned to a 5 hour filming slot. The filming schedule is as follows:

Day Time Team Zoom Link
Wed, Nov 18 6-11PM Pink Zoom Link for each team will be posted in each team's Slack
Thu, Nov 19 12-5PM Green
Thu, Nov 19 5-10PM Purple
Thu, Nov 19 10PM-3AM (Fri) Red
Fri, Nov 20 8:30AM-1:30PM Yellow
Fri, Nov 20 1-6PM Blue

Your alpha prototype and 7-minute presentation are due by the start of your team's filming slot.

Each team's 7-minute presentation will be filmed at the Ice 9 Productions studio in Wakefield, MA. Presenters will be asked to run through their presentation multiple times and we may ask for some on-the-fly demonstrations so that we may capture different camera angles. The footage will be professionally edited into a final video for the final presentation event.

The five hour slot is intended to be a generous amount of time to allow for any problems that may be encountered during filming. Lunch will be served for the 12PM slots. Dinner will be served for the 5/6PM slots, and a snack will be provided for the 10PM slot. The slot schedule is structured as follows, using the 12PM-5PM time slot as an example:

  • 12:00PM: Bus departure time. Buses may be boarded up to 15 min in advance of the departure time. Buses board and depart from the breezeway under Bldg 39.
  • 12:40PM: Arrival at Ice 9 Productions studio. Trip to studio is approximately 40 minutes.
  • 12:40-1:30PM: Food and setup time. Food will be served and people will be oriented to the setup. Speakers will be mic'd.
  • 1:30-3:30PM: Filming (could be a bit longer or shorter)
  • 3:30-4:00PM: Packup/bus boarding
  • 4:00-5:00PM: Departure from studio and arrival back at MIT

Only the final presentation speakers, demonstrators and necessary support people may attend the filming. There will be a lot of downtime during the filming, so please bring work to do. Wi-Fi access will be available.

Group transportation to the studio will be provided. You may also take your own private transportation, if you wish, which would allow you to come at a later time and leave earlier, if you are not one of the presenters.

For other team members, we will have the conference cameras setup and also provide a room for on-campus team members to gather to watch the filming session together, if desired.

Dress guidelines

For all teams except Green Team, your presentations will be filmed on a green screen background so that we can put an image of Kresge behind you. Everyone who will be on stage, please do not wear green or shiny things!

Green team will be filmed on a blue screen. Green team presenters/demonstrators, please do not wear blue or shiny things!

Filming location

The filming studio is located at

90 New Salem St, Wakefield, MA 01880

Pre-event preparation

Once you are off-campus, there are just a few more details to work out together. You will hold an online team meeting during your regular team meeting time on Mon, Nov 30 or Tue, Dec 1 to plan your final week. Your team instructors will attend this team meeting.

Wed, 12/2: Q&A Workshop

The communication instructors will be holding a workshop covering Q&A best practices.

Fri, 12/4: Q&A Practice Sessions

Each team should sign up for a 1 hour virtual Q&A practice session. In this session, we'll test the Q&A setup for the final presentation event with team members. More information about the Q&A here.

Fri, 12/4, 11:59PM: Product sheets due

Each team should submit the PDF of their product sheet via the dashboard by the end of this day.

Mon, 12/7: Q&A Dry Run w/production studio

Each team is scheduled for a 30-minute Q&A dry run with the production studio. The schedule for the Q&A dry runs is here.

Event logistics

The final presentation event will be broadcast online on Monday, December 7, starting at 7:30PM EST on the final presentation website. The event should be finished within 2 hours. A replay will be available afterwards.

After each team's pre-recorded presentation is broadcast, we will hold a live Q&A session with viewers. All team members are encouraged to participate in the Q&A session.

Please see the Q&A page for details of how the live Q&A session will work.

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