Final Design Review

Last updated: Nov 09, 2020 at 2:03pm

The 2.s009 course instructors will be meeting with each team on Monday, November 9 to review details of the current version of your team's design, which should be updated based upon what has been learned through the technical review.

You should not prepare a presentation, but the instructors will need to see your updated design so that it can be discussed. Slides with selected images of your design or projecting your solid model for viewing would be helpful.

Most team reviews will take place during the first 30 minutes of your team meeting on Monday. In order to get feedback to all teams on Monday, Pink Team's design review will be at 6:15PM. As many team members as possible should try to attend.

The schedule for the design review is as follows:

Team Time Room Zoom Link
Red   10:05-10:35 AM 3-370 Zoom Link
Yellow   2:05-2:35 PM 3-370 Zoom Link
Green   3:05-3:30 PM 56-114 Zoom Link
Pink   6:15-6:45 PM 3-370 Zoom Link
Blue   7:05-7:35 PM 3-370 Zoom Link
Purple   7:45-8:15 PM 56-114 Zoom Link
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