Defining Task Forces

Following the steps below should help your task forces (and team) work more effectively.

Preliminary steps (lead by the systems integrators)

  • ensure that the room and team meeting environment is comfortable
  • ensure that enough team members are present to represent the team
  • make sure that the team members know each other and their capabilities
  • define the purpose and agenda for the meeting

Identify the task forces that are needed

  • determine what issues must be addressed and how many task forces are needed
  • define the goals, responsibilities, and reporting requirements for each task force

Assign membership to the task forces

  • is the task force large enough to fulfill their goals yet small enough to work effectively?
  • are the necessary skills present within the task force?
  • is the task force satisfied with their membership?

Choose a task force leader and assign member responsibilities

  • be sure that responsibilities and reporting requirements are understood
  • document all decisions in the meeting minutes
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